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Florovit compost activator

Florovit compost activator

Effectively accelerates the process of composting organic waste from the house and from the garden. It stimulates the growth of natural humus and the development of beneficial soil microorganisms, and at the same time reduces the unpleasant smell.

When using the activator, you will quickly obtain a good quality compost characterised by high fertility. This activator may be used for all types of composters. 

Method of application:

Composted materials should be layered one on top of the other. Layers should be 10-15 cm thick. Sprinkle each layer with the compost activator, in the dose of 25-30 g/m2. The material creating the compost should resemble a wet sponge, and that is why the compost pile has to be sprinkled / watered, especially during the periods of drought. It is recommended to mix the pile after 2-3 weeks.


  • It is recommended to sprinkle / water the content of the composter, especially during drought, to ensure permanent moisture of the pile.
  • Large amounts of mowed grass should be layered in the form of thin layers alternately with a thicker material – fragmented branches, perennial shoots, chip wood.
  • In case of layers thicker than 15 cm, the grass may form cluster and begin to rot, and then it may produce an unpleasant smell.

Compostable materials: 

grass, leaves, weeds, fragmented branches; wilted green cuts; vegetable waste; vegetable kitchen waste; coffee grounds and tea leaves; eggshells

Non-compostable materials:

meat waste and cold cuts; fat, bones; citrus fruit peels; cardboard; illustrated magazines

Composition of the fertiliser:

This fertiliser is a combination of fertilisers marked with the EC FERTILISER mark
(A.1.9 nitrogen fertiliser and D.4. fertiliser containing secondary nutrients)

32.0 % (N) total nitrogen; 32.0 % (N) urea nitrogen; 7.5 % (MgO) total magnesium oxide

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You don't know what to do with green waste? Make yourself a compost!


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