Information on cookies

This information concerns the cookies and refers to the website of INCO S.A. GROUP with its registered office in Warsaw at 25 Wspólna Street.

What are the cookies?

This is IT data stored in the end user devices dedicated to use the Company’s internet pages. The cookies usually contain the name of the website they originate from, the time of their storage in the end user device and the unique number.

What do we use the cookies for?

The Company is using the cookies to: 

1. optimise the website content and enable better adaptation of their content to user preferences. These files allow to recognise the user device and display a website in a manner tailored to his individual needs. 
2. collect information for statistical purposes for analysis of traffic on our sites and for analysis of elements contained in these sites, to improve the structure and contents of the website to even better satisfaction of our customers. These files do not identify personally the users, but allow us to analyse the way a user is visiting our website, what device is using for that purpose, what browser, operating system, what keyword was used etc.
3. enable the placement and execution of orders at Internet Bookshop of “Pax” Publishing House, including the maintenance of user’s session (after logging), which allows the user not use login again on every subsite of the Bookshop. The cookies files placed by the Company in end user’s devices can also be used for advertising purposes, also by the entities cooperating with the Company

Which cookies are used and do they contain personal data?

Two types of cookies are used – session and permanent. The first ones are temporary files, which stay in user’s device until he logs off the website, leaves the website or turns off the Internet browser. The permanent files stay in user’s device for period of time determined in the parameters of these files or until they are deleted by the user. Keeping these files in the device allows the user to automatically log in to the site at the next visit. The personal data collected with the use of the cookies can be collected only for the purpose of executing the determined functions for the user and only subject to a prior consent of the user. This data is encrypted in a manner preventing unauthorised third party access (“Privacy policy").

Can the cookies be deleted?

The software used for browsing the Internet pages usually allows by default the placement of cookies in end user’s device. These settings can be changed at any time by the user so as to block the automatic support of the cookies in the settings of Internet browser or inform the user about their every transfer to user’s device. Detailed information regarding the options and methods of handling the cookies are available in the settings of the given Internet browser (software producer).
Limiting the use of the cookies can affect some functionalities available on Company’s website.

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