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Florovit ground dolomite

Florovit ground dolomite

Ground dolomite is a typical fertilizer applied to soil prior to sowing, recommended for soils characterised by magnesium deficiency. Magnesium facilitates the absorption of phosphorus by plants and affects numerous metabolic processes. Supplementing this deficiency is particularly important in case of light soils. Ground dolomite deacidifies the soil and increases its magnesium content, introduces micronutrients into the soil and improves the quality of crop.

Due to a high degree of fragmentation it rapidly infiltrates into the soil solution and is easily absorbed by plants.


Method of application:

Ground dolomite should be applied in doses equalling 0.8-2.1 kg per 10m2, and the individual amount depends on the pH of the soil, the type of the soil and its magnesium content. The period after harvesting is the best time to apply the fertiliser. The fertilizer can be applied in autumn and in spring, immediately before sowing or planting plants.

Annual plants: Spread the recommended dose of ground dolomite on the fertilised area before sowing or planting and then mixed thoroughly with the cultivated layer of soil, e.g. with a spade, rake or a tiller. 

Perennial plants: Spread the recommended dose of ground dolomite on the fertilised area in spring, as early as possible. It is advisable to mix the fertiliser carefully with the topsoil.



Recommended dose of the fertiliser in kg /10 m2 

Magnesium content

in soil
Preparing the site for annual plants on various grounds Rośliny wieloletnie Trawniki
very light light Medium heavy
very low 1 1,3 1,6 2,1 1,6 1,6
Low 0,8 1 1,3 1,8 1 1

Recommended dose of the fertiliser may not entirely regulate the pH of soils, which require liming. In case when the acidic level is maintained, it is crucial to additionally lime the soil, in the amount corresponding to its pH level.

Requirements of plants as far as pH of the soil is concerned 

pH level of the soil Groups of plants
pH 4,0-5,5 highly acidic highbush blueberry, azalea, heathers, ericas, cranberry
pH 5,5-6,2 cidic gooseberries, raspberry, strawberry, tomato, lily of the valley, geranium
pH 6,2-7,1 neutral/slightly acidic remaining groups of plants

Date of application:


Composition of the fertiliser:

Type of fertiliser – dolomite lime – ground
Neutralisation number – min 54
29% CaO – total calcium
19% MgO – total magnesium

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