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Florovit sports grass mix

Florovit sports grass mix

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It is the perfect choice if you are looking for grass for intensive use, with juicy green, compact and highly resistant to trampling turf.




Florovit SPORTS GRASS MIX is perfect for home lawns, playgrounds, sports grounds and other lawns exposed to mechanical damage. A special selection of lawn grass seeds, adapted to the Polish climatic conditions, guarantees obtaining a beautiful lawn with high aesthetic and utility values, quickly regenerating after mowing and high frost resistance.


It is best to set up the lawn from the beginning of April to the end of September.




2-3 weeks before sowing, clean the area for sowing mechanically or chemically, break lumps, remove roots, stones, etc.

If the soil is poor (sandy), it is worth enriching it with compost, peat or humus, and then dig and level it.

If it is necessary to improve soil pH (deacidification), a liming treatment should be carried out.

Then, the area intended for sowing is fed with complex multi-component fertilizer, e.g. Florovit for lawns, according to the instructions and intensively watered.  If the area was limed, fertilize it min. 2-3 weeks after the treatment.


Approximately 2-3 weeks after the preparation, the area is weed again and levelled (reduce the weed infestation of a new lawn).

Seeds are divided into 2 parts and sown cross-wise, manually or with a seeder, using 1 kg of seeds for approximately 40 m2.


Rake the area to lightly mix the seeds with a 1 cm layer of soil (so that the rain does not flush the seeds), and then roll or press with a board.

Seeds are best sown in moist soil.




Until emergence, keep the soil moist for approximately 1-3 weeks. Make the first mowing when the grass reaches a height of 8-10 cm. Shorten it to 4-5 cm and mow regularly to this height.



Watch the video and learn how to deal with molehills:

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