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Florovit Mikroflora 3in1

Florovit Mikroflora 3in1

Florovit Mikroflora (3in1) is a compound fertiliser, combining the activity of granulated lime, humic acids along with useful microorganisms. Using this quick-acting fertiliser guarantees healthy plants, along with improved and fine crops. 


The 3in1 formula ensures synergy between the activity of individual components, which affect the soil:


It deacidifies the soil, prevents its degradation, accelerates the release of nutrients and improves the amount of humus. It improves the structure, as well as physical and chemical properties of the soil, hence the soil processes and holds water, along with beneficial minerals.


Apart from a significant dose of lime, Florovit Mikroflora (3in1) also contains a concentrate of properly selected and multiplied useful soil microorganisms (soil probiotics). Selected native microorganisms are entirely safe for humans and for animals. Microorganisms significantly accelerate the decomposition of plant debris. This leads to the release of nutrients, increase the amount of humus and mineral compounds. Microorganisms also live on outer surfaces of roots of cultivated plants (they create a biofilm), which significantly limits the possibility of infection and the development of pathogenic microorganisms.


Humic substances contained in the fertiliser (1 kg of Florovit Mikroflora contains an amount of humic substances corresponding to about 60 kg of manure) stand as important catalysers of processes ensuring and increasing the nutrient retention and uptake.


Florovit Mikroflora 3in1



* 1 kg of the product contains about 1 000 000 000 colonies of soil bacteria
** 1 kg of the product contains about 60 x more humic substances than in 1 kg of the manure

Florovit Mikroflora 3in1 obtained the certificate from the National Institute of Public Health, which confirms that the product meets the hygienic and the qualitative requirements. It is a product that is unique on the Polish market, as it meets the real requirements on modern gardeners, who consciously look for compound products for their garden, ensuring a wide spectrum of actions, enriching the soil and preventing its degradation. 

Method of application:

This fertiliser may be used on all types of soils, especially in light and moderate soils, as well as slightly acidic soils. This fertiliser should be applied evenly on the whole surface in autumn and spring. It is recommended to mix the fertiliser with the topsoil, which enhances the intensity concerning the development of microorganisms. Doses of the fertiliser should be adjusted to the pH level and type of soil, and according to the instructions for use.


Dosing on lawns:

  • highly acidic soils (pH below 5):
  • dose 3.5 – 4.5 kg/10m2
  • slightly acidic soils (pH about 6):
  • dose 1 – 1.5 kg/10m2


Date of application:



Composition of the fertiliser:

Type of the fertiliser: lime – standard
40% CaO – total calcium oxide
Neutralisation capacity – min 42
Reactivity – 100%

Available weights


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