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Florovit fertiliser for lawns with moss

Florovit fertiliser for lawns with moss

Intensively growing grass, mowed several times during the year, takes a large amount of soil nutrients. That is why, in order to achieve a durable and compact turf along with beautiful green grass it is necessary to fertilise it on regular basis from early spring to autumn. Florovit for lawns with moss containing a substantial amount of iron is adjusted to the nutritional requirements of all types of grass, especially for ornamental and representative lawns.

Mineral substances included in the fertiliser, selected in proper form and quantity, stimulate the growth of grass, improve its health and guarantee intense green colour of lawns

High nitrogen content in the fertiliser increases tillering of grass, provides dense and strong turf, which prevents the growth of moss and the development of weed. The fertiliser is efficient, effective and easy to use.

Using Florovit for lawns with moss on regular basis:

  • protects against moss
  • stimulates tillering and increases the content of turf
  • ensures juicy, green colour of the lawn

Method of application:

Use from spring till the end of August at 3 week intervals in the dose equalling 30 g per 1 m2 of the lawn. Sprinkle the fertiliser evenly on the surface of the lawn, preferably after mowing the grass. In case when no rain is expected in the next few hours following the fertilisation, the lawn should be thoroughly watered. Do not use the fertiliser in strong sunlight or when the wind is strong. Watering plants on regular basis increases the efficiency of the fertilisation. On average one tablespoon contains 15 g of the fertiliser.


Date of application:


Composition of the fertiliser:

EC FERTILISER NPK (MgO + SO3) 16.0 - 5.2 - 5.2 (3.0 + 26.0) fertiliser with iron.

16.0% (N) total nitrogen; 4.7% (N) nitrate nitrogen; 11.3% (N) ammoniacal nitrogen; 5.2% (P2O5) phosphorus pentoxide soluble in a neutral ammonium citrate and water; 3.4% (P2O5) water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide; 5.2% (K2O) water-soluble potassium oxide; 3.0% (MgO) total magnesium oxide; 26.0% (SO3) total sulphur trioxide; 4.0% (Fe) total iron.

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