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Florovit fertiliser for vines

Florovit fertiliser for vines

Compound, mineral soil fertiliser, useful when preparing the site for vines and for top dressing of already growing shrubs.

Due to special formulation, this fertiliser is active throughout the whole period of vegetation. To a slight extent, it stimulates the decreased pH of the soil, which favours good availability of microelements. Florovit for vines contains natural minerals, which makes it even more environmentally friendly. Does not contain nitrates. Even though vines can be cultivated nearly on every type of soil, this particular plant clearly responds to fertilisation. 


Method of application:

Vine. Use 1-1.5 kg of the fertiliser per 10m2 before planting. During the first year after planting, vine is fed two times, namely in spring, after uncovering the shrubs and then 10 days before anticipated flowering, each time apply 45 g of the fertiliser per plant. In the following years of cultivation, observing the same dates of fertilisation, the dose of the fertiliser increases to 60g/plant. 

This fertiliser is perfect for feeding blueberry shrubs: raspberries, currants, gooseberries and chokeberry. Using the fertiliser enhances crops and improves the taste of fruit. 

Blueberry shrubs. When planting these plants, apply the following proportions for one plant: 10 g of the fertiliser mixed with 10 l of soil from the hole. In the second year, the top dressing assumes sprinkling the fertiliser under the crown in early spring – single dose of about 25 g, and in the following years applying 50 g of the fertiliser. When possible, mix the fertiliser with the soil and water the plants properly. One tablespoon contains about 10 g of the fertiliser.


Date of application:


Composition of the fertiliser:

EC FERTILISER NPK (MgO + SO3) 12.5 - 8.5 - 17.0 (2.5 + 32.0) fertiliser with boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.

12.5% (N) total nitrogen; 2.0% (N) nitrate nitrogen; 10.5% (N) ammoniacal nitrogen; 8.5% (P2O5) phosphorus pentoxide soluble in a neutral ammonium citrate and water; 5.5% (P2O5) water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide;17.0% (K2O) water-soluble potassium oxide; 2.5% (MgO) total magnesium oxide; 32.0% (SO3)total sulphur trioxide; 0.025% (B) total boron;0.1% (Cu) total copper; 0.17% (Fe) total iron; 0.1% (Mn) total manganese; 0.005% (Mo) total molybdenum; 0.1% (Zn) total zinc.

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