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Florovit universal fertiliser

Florovit universal fertiliser

Compound and concentrated garden fertiliser, totally soluble in water, dedicated to foliar and soil fertilisation of plants in gardening, in open-field cultivation, in allotment gardens, as well as in growing ornamental plants, both in the ground and in pots.

Foliar fertilisation, as it has been proven by multi-year studies on feeding plants through routes other than root feeding, is the quickest and economically justified form of fertilising. Liquid fertiliser is a concentrated garden fertiliser, which apart from fertilising is also characterised by extremely valuable film forming properties. Due to these properties liquid Florovit is recommended as an agent making the plants tolerate drought, water deficiency or critical periods (e.g. the inhibition of growth) well, and they become more resistant to infections and various stresses.

Florovit may be used for feeding ornamental plants, vegetables in the ground and under cover, in horticulture and agriculture. Plants fed with liquid Florovit grow faster, flower earlier and more abundantly, as well as start bearing fruit even earlier, providing 10% larger crop. Liquid Florovit may be used as an agent accelerating regeneration of plants damaged by frost (fruit trees in particular) by spraying leaves, branches and trunks until reaching their complete moistening.

Method of application:

Liquid Florovit is not toxic for humans, animals and insects. It may be used in combination with plant protection products. The fertiliser is used in solutions from 1:100 to 1:400. 

Especially recommended: 

  • as an agent strengthening plants during the period of drought and water deficiency, or during critical periods, e.g. inhibition of growth, etc.
  • in case of deficiency of an unidentified nutrient in the soil,
  • as an agent improving the feeding conditions of plants in conditions unfavourable for absorbing nutrients through roots, 
  • as an agent accelerating the regeneration of plants damaged by frost (fruit trees in particular) by spraying leaves, branches and trunks until reaching their complete moistening, 
  • for fertilising seedlings before planting them in the permanent spot; seedlings fertilised with Florovit are well established.


Date of application:


Composition of the fertiliser:

3.0% (N) total nitrogen; 0.7% (N) nitrate nitrogen; 2.3% (N) urea nitrogen; 2.0% (K) potassium per water-soluble K; 70mg/l (Cu) total copper; 400 mg/l (Fe) total iron; 170 mg/l (Mn) total manganese; 20 mg/l (Mo) total molybdenum; 150 mg/l (Zn) total zinc. pH of the solution 3.3-4.3.

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