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Florovit pro natura compost activator

Florovit pro natura compost activator

Florovit pro natura compost activator effectively accelerates the process of developing valuable compost and supports the development of natural humus. The preparation contains nitrogen and natural nutrients in proportions ensuring intense development of soil microorganisms.

  • accelerates development of compost
  • stimulates development of natural humus
  • reduces unpleasant smell
  • even application in the composter
  • immediate action
  • proper hydration of the composted material

Liquid form of the preparation ensures:

Method of application:

Composted materials should be loosely placed in 20-25 cm thick layers. Sprinkle each layer with the solution: 100 ml of the compost activator for 5 litre of water per 1m2. 1 cap = about 30 ml. The procedure can be repeated every 4-5 weeks. Use the prepared solution within 1 day.

In order to maintain the compost development processes, it is crucial to ensure proper moisture of the compost pile (it should resemble a wet sponge), and that is why the content of the composter has to be sprinkled / watered, especially during the periods of drought.

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You don't know what to do with green waste? Make yourself a compost!

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