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Florovit pro natura granulated sheep manure

Florovit pro natura granulated sheep manure

100% natural fertiliser of animal origin. Due to modern processing and purifying technology this manure retains all humic substances, as well as nutrients and minerals, and at the same time it is free of any pathogens and weed seeds. This fertiliser disintegrates gradually, releasing nutrients and humic substances, which improve the soil structure. 




Stay natural:

  • universal fertiliser, entirely organic
  • 100% naturalwithout additional preservatives or chemical substances
  • no risk of over-fertilisation
  • guaranteed high content of humus and organic substances
  • composted manure


Method of application:

Plants growing in containers:

in order to enrich the substrate it is recommended to mix 20-30 g/10 l (30-45 ml/10 l) of the substrate.

Plants in bedding displays:

in spring, sprinkle 200-300 g/m2 (300-450 ml/m2) of the manure on previously prepared soil, and then mix it with the soil up to a depth of about 15 cm, and then level the ground carefully. The soil is now ready for planting seedlings of bedding display plants.

Ornamental trees and shrubs:

when planting and replanting plants, mix the manure with the soil from the hole in the following proportions: 30-40 g/10 l (45-60 ml/10 l).


in spring or late summer apply 300-400 g (450-600 ml) of the manure per 1 m2 of the soil on which the lawn will be started, mix with the topsoil using a tiller or other tools, level the ground and plant the grass.

Top dressing of lawns – after mowing, apply 100-150 g (150-230 ml) of the manure on 1 m2 every 4 weeks.

Vegetable cultivation:

- under cover when producing seedlings, add 100-150 g/m2 (150-230 ml/m2) to the substrate
- when growing vegetables under cover immediately in the soil, the manure is applied during the pre-sowing period in the dose of 300-400 g/m2 (450-600 ml/m2)
- in case of open-field cultivation, the manure is applied during the pre-sowing period in the dose of 200-300 g/m2 (300-450 ml/m2).

Do not use on pastures. It is forbidden to use granulated manure on flooded soli, soil covered with snow, frozen to a depth of 30 cm, as well as during rainfall. After applying the manure, water the soil thoroughly.

Date of application:


Properties of the fertiliser:

pH              7,0 - 8,0
Total Nitrogen [%] DW                min. 1,4    
P (P2O5) [%] DW                min. 1,0
K (K2O) [%] DW                min. 1,2
Ca [%] DW               min. 2,2
Mg [%] DW                min. 0,5
organic substances [%] DW                  min. 50


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