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Florovit lime for whitewashing trunks of trees

Florovit lime for whitewashing trunks of trees

Between January and March, along with the increasing length of the day, the sun warms tree branches and trunks, which stimulates sap flow in the plant. At night, the plants cool down quickly, which leads to freezing of branches and trunks, as well as results in the occurrence of frost cracks (vertical cracks in trees). Damage to internal tissues is exhibited in browning of cells, and this phenomenon can be frequently seen at the cross section of young annual accretions, which ended their growth too late. Frost cracks can be prevented on trunks and bottom branches by using Florovit lime for whitewashing trunks. The whitewashing procedure aims to create a protective layer, reflecting sunrays, which prevents the plant from heating up.


Lime protective layer:
  • protects against freezing and bark cracking
  • ensures healthy, naturally smooth bark
  • maintains on the plant for a long time



Method of application:

The preparation is dedicated to whitewashing tree branches and shrubs during the autumn-winter period in order to prevent freezing and the occurrence of frost cracks. Lime perfectly covers trunks and bottom of the lower branches and creates a protective layer, which reflects sunrays and this in hand prevents the plants from heating up. Florovit lime contains adhesive substances, which facilitates painting uneven surfaces and improve the adhesion of the preparation to trunks and branches. The protective lime layer is more resistant to weather conditions (washing by rain or snow) and it remains on the painted surface for a longer period.


  • mix the content of the package with 2.4 l of water until obtaining a homogeneous consistency
  • leave the prepared solution for about 15 minutes and mix it once again
  • use the solution to cover trunks and bottom of the lower branches

Whitewashing should be performed during a dry day, when temperature exceeds 4°C. The first procedure should be performed during autumn (October, November), and then repeat whitewashing until March, as the lime gets washed away with rain or snow.

It is recommended to whitewash all fruit trees and climbing plants (such as currants, gooseberries, etc.).


Date of application:


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