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Florovit lime for lawns with moss

The liming procedure results in obtaining an optimum pH of the substrate for the plants (deacidifies the soil), makes it easier for plants to absorb other nutrients and has a great influence on beneficial soil microflora. Using Florovit lime reduces the results of excessive fertilisation, which frequently leads to soil acidification and moss development.

The product is dedicated to fertilisation of all types of lawns, both the ornamental one and the intensely used ones. Product may be successfully used when starting lawns, as well as for perennial lawns.


Florovit lime for lawns for all types of lawns:

  • efficiently eliminates moss,
  • successfully prevents the occurrence of moss,
  • quickly disintegrates in water.


Method of application:

Lime doses should be established depending on the pH level and type of the soil according to the table.

Lim doses in kg/10 m2


Soil pH/ Type of soil 

Light sandy soils 

Averagely fertile sand-clay soils

Heavy clay soils

Highly acidic
(pH not exceeding 4.5) 

4 – 5 5 – 6
6 – 7
(pH 4,6 – 5,5)
2 – 3  3 – 4  4 – 5
Slightly acidic
(pH 5,6 – 6,5)
  0,5 – 1  1 – 1,5  1 – 2

Starting a lawn (seeding or a lawn from a grass roll)

Liming the surface before starting a lawn aims to obtain a pH of the soil (at the level equalling 6.0-7.0). The liming treatment should be performed at least 3-4 weeks before scheduled sowing of seeds or placing rolls of grass, as well as before using any other fertilisers. Lime doses should be established depending on the pH and type of soil (see the table). Sprinkle the lime evenly on the whole fertilised surface and mix with the topsoil up to a depth of 10-20 cm.


Date of application:



Composition of the fertiliser:



Type of fertiliser – Standard calcium

40.0 % CaO – total calcium oxide

Neutralisation number – min 42

Reactivity 100%

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