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Pinivit is a concentrated, compound, liquid fertiliser, which is totally soluble in water, for foliar fertilisation of coniferous plants. It contains crucial macro- and microelements, provided in proportions ensuring harmonious growth and development of coniferous plants. Pinivit stimulated the growth of plants, improves the colours of needles and the health of plants, as well as makes plants more resistant to all kinds of stress. 

Method of application:

Pinivit is used for spraying plants (needles) with the help of devices for plant protection, by implementing fine atomisation, which ensuring even application. Spraying larger forest areas with Pinivit is performed with the help of agricultural aviation (aircraft, helicopter). The concentration of the working fertiliser depends on the variety and age of sprayed plants, but it usually reaches 2-5%. Optimum concentration in case of young spruces, pines and larches (2-3 weeks old) equals 1:30 - 1:35. As far as older plants are concerned, the concentration may be increased by using a 1:20 - 1:25 solution. For firs and Douglas firs it is possible to use a solution with a decreased concentration, namely 1:40 - 1:50. Do not use Pinivit on sunny days, when the temperature exceeds 20°C. This fertiliser should be used within 7-10 days following the start of the vegetation, however, before the end of June, as the increments need to lignify before winter. When needles start yellowing due to the lack of unidentified nutrient, plants can be sprayed at a later date. Pinivit is non-toxic to humans, animals and insects. When combining Pinivit with other plant protection agents, it is essential to conduct a phytotoxic test.


Date of application:


Composition of the fertiliser: 

NPK 5.6-0.6-2.7 fertilising solution with iron, manganese and zinc. 

5.6% (N) total nitrogen; 2.8% (N) ammoniacal nitrogen; 2.8% nitrate nitrogen; 0.6% (P) water-soluble phosphorus; 2.7% (K) water-soluble potassium; total iron (Fe) at least 100 mg/l; total manganese (Mn) 3000 mg/l; total zinc (Zn) at least 100 mg/l. Authorisation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development No. 20/02.

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